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What Is A Freddo Espresso [A Coffee Guide]


Origin of Freddo Espresso 

As much as people in China enjoy their daily cup of tea, Greeks, on the other hand, certainly love their mornings with coffee and enjoy it in various mixes.

Not only is Iced coffee famous in the U.S. but surprisingly in Greece as well, founded by a Nescafe representative in the year 1957, which sparked this all-time fave.

But what is a Freddo Espresso?

One unique drink, however that greek people adore is a drink from Greektown Chicago, the drink they liked to call, “Freddo espresso”

So, what makes this Greek drink irresistible and delicious? What makes it want you to have more of it?

Well, from its fancy name, Freddo Espresso is made from brewed espresso beans blended into a frappuccino coffee frother.

The Freddo Espresso is then topped with a cold milk-based foam known as aphrogala, which is found in Greece.

The drink traditionally served over ice and cream on top of it is enjoyed by many with an extra added sugar or stevia, whichever adapts best to your palate.

So those of you are looking for exciting fresh flavors to discover this year? This Greek delicacy might be your perfect new flavor venture. 

Freddo Espresso Vs. Regular Espresso

Espresso and Espresso with an added word, Freddo?

How are they different?

How similar are they?

For the first two questions, yes they’re related and different at the same time in ways that they’re both loved and admired by people for their uniqueness in flavor and in taste which we will discuss more below;

Regular Espresso

Espresso is a coffee-brewing method of Italian origin, in which a small amount of boiling water is forced out or expressed under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans.

Espresso coffee can be made and produced with a wide variety of coffee beans and roasts.

Espresso is thicker than your regular brewed coffee due to its higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, with an added finish of cream on top balance the taste.

As a result of this pressurized brewing process, the varied flavors and chemicals in a typical cup or shot of Espresso are highly concentrated.

Freddo Espresso

Freddo Espresso is an iced coffee topped with foam that is made from brewed espresso beans typically found in every coffee shop in Greece.

It is undoubtedly popular among young people during summer or on days wherein you would crave for a flavor-rich cold beverage.

Due to the boiling summer condition in Greece, and the need to escape and alleviate the heat, individuals began to invent and eventually produce cold variations of the famous coffee.

The drink consists of espresso shots, around 30 to 40 milliliters, sugar, and ice. The Espresso is then mixed with the sugar in a drink mixer, it then combines the coffee with its sugar, producing foam from the oils of Espresso, and eventually lowers its temperature.

The coffee then is poured over ice into the serving glass. The melting of the ice cubes dilutes the coffee mix and results in a desirable level of bitterness and creamy taste.

How to Make Freddo Espresso?

  1. Pour 100mL of fresh milk into the blender and shake until you observe a dense foam.
  2. Prepare 1 to 2 shots of espresso coffee
  3. Pour sugar into the hot espresso mix and stir well. 
  4. Add the hot mix and stir right away until the coffee gets cold; however, you may prefer. If needed, add some more ice cubes.
  5. Get the cream you have already prepared and added it to the cold espresso drink.
  6. You can add some cinnamon or chocolate and combine it with a straw to finish.

Italian Plus Greek Innovation

Known in Greece, its country’s tourists, and some parts of the world, Espresso has already established its place in Greek’s everyday lives since its appearance in the country at the beginning of the 1990s.

After some time of consuming what is now “commercial,” people from individuals to groups have admired this innovation and can’t seem to get enough of it.

The one thing that hasn’t changed though is the need for a Freddo espresso beverage to help the Greeks ease the heat of the season.

When the first specialty coffee shops opened in Athens during the mid-2000s, beverages were being prepared with quality standard beans.

Baristas and coffee shop owners began to experiment with widening the variety of their different coffee mixes, and Espresso is already well established on the scene.

As of today, espresso-based beverages were becoming more and more popular, and Freddo Espresso, on the other hand, didn’t take that much time to level up.

So how did Italy’s iced coffee become synonymous with Greece’s Freddo espresso? Simple. It’s an Italian iced coffee beverage based on brewing espresso.

We’re mixing the Espresso with ice, shaking them in a coffee mixer so that a creamy texture can be achieved rather than dispose of a shot of Espresso on ice cubes.

However, you still have to be careful concerning the ratio of coffee and ice cubes.

You don’t want your beverage diluted quickly, don’t you?

The Freddo Espresso Twist

If Freddo Espresso sounds unique to you, then we shouldn’t forget to mention another Greek coffee treat, the Freddo Cappuccino!

It is a typical Freddo Espresso with a twist. You need to add a little amount of cold milk cream on top of your Freddo Espresso and voila!

Perfection! This coffee beverage starts to become a hit and eventually might steal the crown of the iced coffee beverages from the Freddo Espresso.

The whole thought concept of not mixing the milk with the coffee is to achieve two different textures, this of the iced coffee taste and that of the cold milk cream taste. If you don’t stir the drink slowly, the cream will become separated again, and it will start blending roughly with your espresso coffee

To successfully prepare the finishing cold milk foam, you need to put some low-fat cold milk in a shaker and mix it until it reaches a rich and creamy texture!