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Illy Vs Nespresso [What’s Your Pick?]

In browsing for coffee tools, people rarely go for capsule brewers.

When they go capsule brewer shopping, they immediately compare the 2 top brands: Illy vs. Nespresso.

Both are efficient, affordable, and gorgeous. How do they choose from these brands that dominate the global market?

It is time to compare Illy vs Nespresso and see which prevails based on your coffee capsule needs.


Overview on Illy

Illy was founded in 1993 by Francisco Illy. Today, Illy is still led by the same family under the administration of Andrea Illy as the Chairman.

Massimiliano Pogliani, on the other hand, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Anna Illy handles the management and relations with the coffee growers.

The company became internationally renowned due to its unique and velvety coffee. Arabica beans are used to create such a delightful coffee.

Due to the quality of its products, the company received four quality certifications and one sustainability certification. Their top values are transparency, sustainability, and people development.

This is a company whose values speak for themselves. It’s no wonder that their brand has become so popular.

Overview on Nespresso

Nespresso is a unit of the Nestlé Group based in Switzerland. In line with their countless projects and top produce, they also partnered with famous brands such as Breville and De’Longhi.

Nespresso’s main factory is in Switzerland. This is where their coffee is roasted, founded, and packaged.

One of the best things about Nespresso is that they produce fully recyclable pods for sustainability. They also partnered with organizations like the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade USA, and many more.

Due to their good cause, the company continues to prosper in many areas and many industries worldwide.

Illy vs. Nespresso

The Illy iperEspresso capsule system does not make use of the typical one-stage brewing system and goes with the two-stage one.

The result is truly amazing. Just imagine a rich, thick espresso with fluffy, tantalizing crema on top. Wow.

Brewing System

Nespresso Machines are more on the efficient side since they use single-step, pump, or centrifugal-based systems.

This is pretty standard as far as other brewing systems go. Nespresso’s brewing machine is like seeing the future of brewers.

They work with a barcode reader. Now that is some high-end machine right there.


The Illy iperEspresso line has lots to choose from, including Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Decaffeinated, and many more.

You can only imagine the sweetness, creaminess, and flavor produced from this capsule.

Illy capsule lines are known to be milder than most brands. However, their variety is just hard to say no to. You will definitely get the top of the line with this brand.

Nespresso capsules are sold into two categories: Original and Vertuo.

Each category contains a lineup of different flavors. The pods are fully recyclable, which makes Nespresso an excellent choice to address impending environmental hazards.

The range of capsules falls short of the ones sold by Illy, but we cannot say the same for the quality.

Comparing their Best-Selling Machines: Illy vs Nespresso

Illy Francis Francis X7.1 iperEspresso

This machine is something a coffee lover should save up for.

The classic design is something that would attract a buyer seeing it for the first time. It has a portafilter-like mechanism to hold the capsules.

What is even more amazing about this machine is that it has its own Panarello system wand. You can froth your own milk.

For barista-quality espresso shots, this is definitely a must-have.

Although priced higher than most brewers, the Nespresso Creatista Plus still remains one of the best-selling brands out there.

Illy Francis Francis X9 iperEspresso

For the more portable and compact option, the X9 is pretty impressive.

This has an auto-off feature, power-saving technology, and auto-fluid measurement.

The product of this machine is so smooth and creamy like it was made by a barista.

Nespresso Creatista Plus

For overwhelmingly frothy and large foam, this might be the best machine for that.

This is one of the machines that operate through barcodes for automatic brewing.

Its convenience is a huge win for the coffee aficionados who are planning to purchase.


Espresso coffee needs about 10 bars of pressure to remove all the oils inside the machine. The extraction of coffee oils is very important.

The extraction temperature is another cost of the change in the taste of espresso.

The extraction needs enough heat that requires about 94 degrees C.

Adjust the broiler thermostat or give the espresso machine the right amount of temperature.

Illy vs Nespresso

Like other things, the verdict all boils down to individual choice. Also, personal circumstances will influence a purchaser’s decision.

Your budget and lifestyle will also be determinative in choosing the machine that best fits you.

To sum up, the next sections recount what we’ve gathered so far.

Illy: Aesthetics and Convenience

For a classy and sleek yet simple brewer, Illy is the perfect choice for you.

If you are also still learning the basics, then it is best to stick with this fantastic find. For a durable option, we suggest that you go with the Francis X9.

Nespresso: Flexibility and Luxury

If you want a long-time brewer companion, then Nespresso can give you just that.

It is so durable that it can function as your primary and only brewer for years!

If you are also into those techy machines, then this is it, co-coffee enthusiast. However, you would need to spend a couple of bucks to own one.

The Upshot

Like the perfect cup of coffee, choosing the best capsule brewer will still be dependent on your needs.

Being the picky coffee aficionado that you are, you got to pick the best machine at the best price.

With all the variables laid down for you, have you chosen your machine yet?

Illy vs Nespresso? The question doesn’t seem important since both brands are of such high quality.

Just go back to their individual characteristics as enumerated above, and you are good to go.

Just imagine enjoying that cup of coffee as you start the day or after a long hard day.