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Can You Use Coffee Beans For Espresso?

Can You Use Coffee Beans For Espresso? Achieving the right taste and having that sweet aroma in a distinct coffee drink is not one-way rocket science.

A true connoisseur has the experience and the expert taste buds. The Earl has both and came up with this guide to using coffee beans to produce that perfect cup of espresso.

We have a quick rundown of the different types of roasting coffee beans. We included our favorite brands of coffee beans that you can use to create an espresso.


Taste and Appearance of Coffee Beans

The appearance of coffee beans changes due to the duration of the roasting process. The taste of the coffee varies according to the length of time of brewing.


You will be amazed that coffee beans offer different flavors. Coffee beans are grown and crafted to bring out the finest tastes.

Coffee bean offers a variety of tastes but depends on the technique executed.

The consistent hint of bitterness, the caramelly, and the sour taste can be recognized from the brewing technique.


Once the roasting process began, coffee beans transform into different colors. Coffee beans can appear in golden brown to darker colors like chocolate.

When the roasting process ended, coffee beans are set to grind. In this process, the appearance changes into a finely ground coffee bean ready to brew.

What Is an Espresso Shot

A tasty espresso shot is brewed with a small amount of finely ground coffee forced into high-pressure hot water and poured with foam milk on top.

The light brown foam milk you see on the top surface is called ‘crema’. The distinct aroma and bold taste of espresso prove a well-pulled single-shot espresso.

The result of a perfectly brewed espresso provides ‘the kick’, knowing your preferred coffee beans affect the taste and aroma of your espresso.

Light to Dark Roasted: Types of Roasted Coffee Beans

Understanding the types of roasted coffee beans will help you to achieve the perfect espresso.

So, let’s find out what are the types of roasted coffee beans you can use.

  • Light roasted – You can use light roasted coffee beans for your espresso. Espresso lovers use these coffee beans because it gives an extra kick to the flavor. Caffeine content remains because of the short time of the roasting method. The light-roasted coffee is your choice if you are looking for a strong bittersweet aftertaste.
  • Medium roasted – If you prefer to have less oil and mild taste, you should use medium roasted coffee beans. Medium roasted coffee beans take a little longer to roast after the ‘first crack’. The medium roast brings a savory taste but with less bitterness compare to light-roasted coffee beans.
  • Dark roasted – The most popular roasted coffee beans used for espresso is the dark-roasted. Dark roasted coffee beans spread an oily taste to the espresso. In fact, some espresso lovers like oily coffee because it brings a different flavor and aroma. The bitter taste and smoky flavor of the dark-roasted are due to the length of time the coffee beans are processed.

You will taste the rich aroma and the caramelized texture once the espresso reaches your mouth. The creamy milk foam that hides the bitterness also gives the espresso a flavor.

Consider Choosing Your Coffee Beans

Here are some tips on choosing your coffee beans.

  • Check Where Your Coffee Comes From – If you want a great-tasting espresso, chances are you want to use organic beans. Check out the guys at Bella Tica for great organic bean selections.
  • Check the expiration date – It is important for your coffee beans to remain fresh and well-packed. Look for the expiration date to determine how long you can stock it.
  • Your preferred taste – Your preferred taste is the key reason which coffee beans to buy. The distinct flavor and aroma should match your taste. Your taste will identify the strength or richness of espresso you like.
  • Look for your coffee roasters – Choosing the right roaster to deliver the taste you like for your espresso is important. Your preferred coffee roaster comes with their brand name to trade, as a result, roasters produce the highest quality of coffee beans.
  • Settling how much caffeine – How much caffeine content your coffee beans provides the essential health benefits for your body. You should check the product label to see how much caffeine content of a coffee bean has.
  • Buy whole beans – It is advisable to buy whole beans in small amounts or package. You can prevent wasting coffee beans rather than buying ground coffee beans.

We recommend using our tips because it takes careful selection to buy your coffee beans.

Our favorite coffee beans for espresso

In case you decided to buy coffee beans, we recommend looking at our favorite coffee beans for espresso.

Here’s a brief description of our favorite coffee beans for espresso

  • Death Wish Organic USDA Certified Whole Bean Coffee – Made from both Arabica and Robusto coffee beans. This is considered the strongest coffee in the market. Without being bitter, this coffee is roasted to produce a flavor-rich and bold coffee taste. These coffee beans serve double-strength caffeine content and strong taste.
  • Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee – These medium roasted coffee beans impress your taste with richness and aromatic smell. Lavazza Super Crema has an original blend of hazelnut and brown sugar. The consistent thickness and softness of crema produce a unique espresso taste.
  • Koffee Kult Dark Roast Coffee Beans – This dark-roasted coffee bean produces a strong and smooth coffee taste. It is perfectly roasted to ensure the freshness and quality of the coffee beans. Koffee Kult Dark Roast offers lower acidity and bitterness compare to other products. These coffee beans are blended with 100% Arabica beans.

So there you have it, our favorite coffee beans for espresso. You should try them yourself and taste for yourself their distinct features that suit your taste buds.

While you can use a variety of coffee beans to create espresso, you should still be keen on the type of roasted coffee beans you will use because the quality and intensity of the taste of your espresso drink depend on it.